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FlashTray Pro 5.0

Platform: Windows (All)
Size: 1198 KB
Type: Freeware

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FlashTray Pro

Application Launcher & Hotkey Macro Utility

This program is a system tray utility packed with features :

• a launcher for your favorite applications, documents, folders or URL's.
• create systemwide hotkeys that can simulate any set of keystrokes.
• hotkey macro language for extra functionality (e.g. : screenshots)
• extra built-in tools : Character map, Colorpicker, Screen Magnifier,...

• Need a fast and easy way to launch your programs
• Got a lot of repetitive tasks to do ?
• Want to have a whole bunch of useful tools one click away ?

System Tray Application Launcher
The application launcher in Flashtray Pro allows you to jump to your favorite programs, files, folders and internet links with just a mouseclick.

On top of that our launcher is capable of doing much more. The launcher can also create shortcut to lots of system commands (minimize all windows, control panels,...) and has a few very interesting built-in tools (Color picker, Screen Magnifier, Character Map, Calendar Printer...)

They are all accessible from the system tray with just one mouseclick.

The configuration of the launcher is very easy and straightforward and this makes Flashtray Pro the ideal tool to make working with your computer easier and more productive.

Hotkey Macros
How often do you find yourself typing the same text over and over again? With our keyboard macros you can lift this burden off your shoulders and let Flashtray Pro do the work for you. All you need to remember is a simple keyboard shortcut. Flashtray Pro can be seen as a boilerplate text manager. This can really save you hours of valuable time each day.

Flashtray Pro also supports text macro's and scripting language which allow you to call predefined system commands (screenshots, mute volume,...). No programming knowledge is required.

Each of the macro's can be launched by a shortcut, but Flashtray also supports triggers, which are a series of characters that trigger an activity. A very good example where this can be useful is with abbreviation expansion. For example if you type 'asap' it will automatically replace it with 'as soon as possible'. Sometimes it is easier to remember a trigger word than a shortcut key.

Flashtray pro uses systemwide hotkeys, so even if the program is just sitting there in the system tray, it will still be able to evaluate all the keys you press, even if other programs are running.

Screen Highlighter
The screen highlighter in Flashtray Pro allows you to highlight specific parts on the screen, just like with a highlighter pen.
It is an ideal solution for teachers when giving computer presentations, or even when you just want to show something to a colleague or a friend.
You can define two separate pens with custom color, width and opacity.

One shortcut needs to be pressed and held for drawing and another is necessary for cleaning the screen.

You can define custom macro's to switch between the different pens.
Built-in Tools
Some other small utilities are built into Flashtray, simply because they're quite indispensable on any computer. Some of these tools are derived from other tools that are available on our website. The color picker is derived from ColorMania. The screen magnifier is based on Magnifixer and the character map has its origins in our font manager X-Fonter.
- Popup menu with links to Programs, Documents, Websites, Directories
- Very simple and intuitive interface
- Macro Tool
- Easy to understand macro language (no programming skills required)
- Small/Large icons
- Uses very little resources
- Easy Setup (with uninstall support)

 Features Free

 Multi-Level Launcher




 Extended Macro Language for Hotkeys


 Custom Appearance


 Screen Highlighter


 Horizontal Lock on Screen HighLighter


 Screen-based screenshot maker (JPG)


 Window-based screenshot maker (JPG)

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Flashtray has a built-in capability to create screenshots, which produces the following screen where you can preview the screenshot and adjust the quality parameter.

The picture taken is of the built-in Color Picker (which is also separately downloadable as "ColorMania").


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