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Disk Recon 10.1

Platform: Windows (All)
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Type: Shareware

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Disk Recon

Folder Sizes, Duplicate files and duplicate folders

Disk Recon is a disk space utility that reveals all the crucial information that you need to find out where all your disk space has gone and how you can recover it. This information is not easily available in the normal windows explorer.
Disk Recon makes it easy for you to manage your hard disk space, find the folders which are taking up too much space or show you which duplicate files and duplicate folders you have stored.

• File Search
• Folder Sizes
• Duplicate Files
• Bulk File Rename
• File Monitor
• Custom Filters
• Regular Expressions
• Bulk Attribute Changing

Screenshot Directory Sizes
Folder Sizes

Screenshot File Finder
File Finder

Screenshot File Types
File Types Overview

Screenshot Duplicate Finder
File Duplicates

Largest Files Report
Largest File Report

Folder Sizes
Duplicate Files
Find large folders easily
Show dates, owners, attributes
Graphical views (pie or Bar chart)

Duplicates by name or contents (CRC)
Duplicates Folders (new)
Select and delete files

File Search
File Monitor
Extended Filter possibilities
Unicode filenames supported

Show all file or folder activity
Capture file history

Batch Rename
File Preview
Many rename options
Also Attribute or date change
Supports most common file types
Search inside files

Disk Recon is a disk exploration tool. It allows you to view where all your folders and files are in a much more friendlier way than most conventional tools. With its extensive filter and search capabilities, Disk Recon is the premier choice for IT specialists and home users.

diskspace manager

Analyze folder and disk space usage with an intuitive interface   • Find all duplicate files by name, size or contents with an option to delete if necessary.
Any operation can be executed on subsets of data by using extensive filtering capabilities.   • Filters include dates, sizes, attributes and even text to find within a file.
Retrieve statistical data about your files, by file types, or file sizes.   • Export capabilities to MS Excel, XML, CSV, HTML and TXT.
Intuitive interface with explorer-like controls. Where possible there are context-sensitive popups   • Handles all file sizes ( > 4GB )
Local drives and network drives can be scanned. UNC notation is supported.   • File monitor shows all file activity with a selected folder in great detail.
Show space lost by cluster size (slack space).   • Supports compressed files/folders/drives (NTFS).
File preview for most common file types.   • Supports Unicode file and folder names.
Shell integration. Disk space management

diskspace manager with file preview
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