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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

General Questions
Q : How can I register one of your products ?

A : My shareware products can be registered by paying the registration fee with Paypal or Share-it. You simply need to press the appropriate links on my product pages to start the registration.
Q : What happens when I pay a registration fee ?

A : I will send you a registration key by email, together with instructions on how to use it. It can take up to 24 hours before the registration codes are sent. Also keep in mind that Blacksun Software is located in Belgium and that there might be time difference.

Q : I didn't get my registration key after 24 hours. What now ?

A : If you haven't received a registration code after 24 hours, please contact us directly, and we will resend it to you. There is no need to contact Paypal or Share-it. If you made a registration, we will do anything we can to send you the registration code.

Please make sure that the email address that you provide with the registration is a valid one, and that it is capable of receiving emails with a zip attachment. Sometimes our emails are filtered out by spam filters.

If you're still not receiving your registration code, it might be a good idea to send an alternative email address we can contact you on.

Q : How can I pay ?

A : I accept payments through paypal and Share-it. This way you can order directly from my website. Or I could send you my IBAN/BIC code for international bank transactions (after email correspondance).
Q : Do I get an invoice ?

A : Only if you order through share-it.
Q : Do I have to pay for upgrades ?

A : All minor upgrades are free (and your license for that version never expires). When a new major version is released you can also upgrade your license for a small price. (Registered X-Fonter 5.x, 6.x and 7.x users can upgrade to X-Fonter 8.x for only $20)

If a newer major version is released less than half a year after you purchased a license, you also get a free upgrade.

Q : What if I lost my registration key ?

A : Just send me an email with your details and I'll resend the key to you. It is important to include the email address that I sent the registration code to.
Q : Can I use a license on more than one computers ?

A : A single license allows you to use the program by one person on up to three computers.
Multiple licenses allow you to use the program on up to as many computers as you have licenses with, with one user per license.

Q : Do any of your programs contain adware or spyware ?

A : No, absolutely not. My programs are completely free of spyware and other junk like that.

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