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Use Mousotron values on your own website

How to use Mousotron Data ?
A lot of people ask me how to display the mousotron data on their own website.
They like what they see on our Mousotron results page and want something similar on their own page.
There are a few different options to do that.

The most important part is that it always requires some php programming.

The first one (and most simple one) is that you create a php script that takes the values returned by mousotron and automatically a new page with the values on it.

The second option is that you store the values returned by mousotron in a database so that you can easily generate statistics or simply display the values at a later time. Our setup uses php scripting with a MYSQL database.

The way the values are submitted to a website is the same for both options. The only difference is how you handle the data afterwards.

This is how the parameters are transmitted :

dist : distance
lb : left button clicks
rb : right button clicks
dc : double clicks
ks : keystrokes
mb : middle button clicks
scr : mousewheel scrolls
m2 : currently not used
m3 : currently not used
al : alias

You have to divide the distance by 63360 to get the number of miles...
I hope this information useful for you. If you have any further questions, or have a nice example of a mousotron page you created, please let us know.
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